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It's been a couple of years since I shot with Carlen, Sexologist & Relationship Expert and friend. She contacted me to get some new shots for her upcoming e-book! It's always a fun time when we get together to shoot. We rocked out to Rihanna & Britney and the girl really knows how to give face! Haha For more information about Dr. Carlen, check out her website or follow her on social media.


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Christmas Mini Sessions 2015 - Book Now!

They're back!!! I've released time slots for Saturday/Sunday November 14/15th and will be held at 358 Northbrae Drive in London. Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else! 
To book your session, please visit the following link:
TIP: When you book through bookmycity, you do not have to register. You can if you want to use for future bookings but you don’t have to.
What's included in a Mini Session?
15 minute in home studio setup with Christmas themed backdrop/props (photo below of backdrop this year)
10-15 digital images with printing rights
Online gallery with ability to download high resolution images; ready to print and share with friends and family
•iOS & Android App


A high-speed reusable USB stick for $25 - includes digital images for printing (high resolution) + social media versions (low resolution - easy uploading)
Note: This fee is for up to 3 kids at once ($10 per additional). Pets are welcomed. 

 Acceptable methods of payment: Cash, cheque, money order, E-Mail Money Transfer, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. Credit Card payments additional $2.50 charge (Through Square)



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Ahopelto Wedding | Forest Motel and Retreat | Stratford, Ontario

Kasper & Josey had a beautiful summer wedding at the Forest Motel & Retreat in Stratford, Ontario. The groom was almost unrecognizable with his newish slick hairdo! (Revisit their winter engagement session in which Kasper had long dreads) We had lots of fun with the couple and their wedding party, who were really into "peeking" and Dylan Mckay (Luke Perry), as you will notice in the pictures! I also really enjoyed one of the bridesmaid's rendition of the Super Mario's theme song on the accordion, while the couple signed their marriage certificate. A special thanks to Steph from Behind The Scenes Photography for being my second shooter.

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#GirlsWithHorses | Pine Grove | Thames Centre, On

I recently had the pleasure of tagging along with my friend Michelle and her two friends Alyssa & Jaye to shoot some horses for the very first time! Apparently there are a few rules for Equestrian photography, which I already forgot lol. Hopefully Jaye will forgive me! Horses are such beautiful animals, it was a joy to shoot them...oh and the girls were beautiful too! 

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Cormack Wedding | Blue Water, Ontario

Michal & Sariah got married on August 1st in what looks like it could be a destination wedding in Mexico or Dominican Republic. It was actually in Blue Water, Ontario in the backyard of a beautiful lake-front cottage. The view of Lake Huron was amazing but we did end up getting some rain. It didn't ruin their magical day and as the evening went on, there was a beautiful sunset, a release of paper lanterns (only a few survived the flight) & even fireworks!

An amazing end to wonderful wedding day!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) Bluewater Portrait Summer Wedding Tue, 11 Aug 2015 23:37:15 GMT
Tang Wedding | London, Ontario University sweethearts Zhe & Melody got married at the end of July. Their ceremony was at St. Peter's Basilica. After the ceremony we travelled to Springbank Civic Garden Complex for some pictures and then to The Best Western Lamplighter Inn for the reception. The reception was full of laughs, happy tears, games and lots of dancing! A great celebration of Zhe & Melody's love for each other! Thanks to Steph from Behind The Scenes Photography for assisting!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) Best Western Lamplighter Inn St. Peter's Basilica civic garden complex london portraits springbank wedding Tue, 11 Aug 2015 22:54:30 GMT
Abdellatif Wedding | Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre | London, Ontario

Zack and Clare were married a couple of weeks ago at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre and I was honoured to photograph them on their big day! The groomsmen wanted to stand out, as you can see with their coloured socks! Zack had a really hard time doing up his tie. He must have re-done it 3 or 4 time. He should have taken a cue from the bride Clare, who like lots of brides, are into Pinterest for DIYs! She found some fun ideas for pictures including moustaches and lips, which they later saved for the photo booth. I hope they had a good honeymoon in Greece and can relive their day with their pictures!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) Centre Ivey Leadership London Portrait Spencer Summer Wedding Mon, 22 Jun 2015 23:54:21 GMT
Butler Wedding | Woodstock, Ontario | Craigowen Golf & Country Club

Katie & Jason got hitched at the beautiful Craigowen Golf and Country Club. I first arrived at Katie's parent's farm to take some getting ready photos of the bride and bridemaids. After a few minutes, it started pouring rain. it would stop momentarily so we would sneak in and out for photos. If you notice in some pictures below, the bridesmaids got creative and even made garbage bag dress covers! lol The rain did stop once we got to Craigowen, but it was still wet and humid,   so a big thank you to the wedding party for putting up with the weather!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) Chic Country Craigowen Portrait Wedding Woodstock Mon, 15 Jun 2015 23:47:17 GMT
Ramos Family Shoot | Orlando, Florida

This past March I was in Florida visiting my sister Brenda. We were all excited to be welcoming the newest addition to the family, my nephew Alexander Keith aka Xander. Little did my sister know, here in Canada there's a beer named Alexander Keith LOL. I was so happy to have the opportunity to shoot some family photos for them since we haven't gotten together since we were in Marco Island 2 summers ago. My mom was also visiting, so of course I took shots of her and her grand children! Can't wait to see them again!

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Josey & Kasper Engagement Session | London, Ontario

I'm so glad the snow is melting away but happy we were able to capture Josey & Kasper's snowy engagement shoot! Kasper wanted to make sure we did the engagement shoot while he still had his dreads because he was cutting them off (after EIGHT years) as part of their Stag & Doe. Josey & Kasper were such great sports and braved the cold!! They got right into it as you will see in some pictures. Thanks to Steph from Behind The Scenes Photography for being a second shooter! Oh.. and the guy who let us borrow his fur hat for some photos lol

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Mason Newborn Shoot | London, Ontario

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Bentley's newborn photos. Recently, I got the chance to shoot his little brother Mason. Mason was 9 days old at the time of the photoshoot. We even had a chance to re-create Bentley's "bucket photo" for his brother!

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Julie & Jason Engagement Shoot | London, Ontario

February is the month of LOVE and a perfect opportunity to shoot in the beauty of the Canadian winter! I had the pleasure of meeting 2016 Bride + Groom; Julie + Jason. I was invited by Steph from Behind The Scenes Photography to assist in the engagement shoot and their future wedding. It was the perfect day for the shoot, not too cold! I did end up soaking my pants/socks/shoes but it was totally worth it as we got some great shots. Here are some of my shots!





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Violet Newborn Shoot | London, Ontario

I had the pleasure of shooting thirteen day old winter baby Violet not too long ago, as her parents received this photography session as a shower gift. She was such a pleasure to work with and slept most of the time, letting us do our thing. We were able to incorporate many of the gifts given to Violet into the shoot. I'm happy the family will have these pictures to treasure for a lifetime!

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Charlotte Cake Smash | London, Ontario

Miss Charlotte was all smiles when we started the shoot but little did we know she did not like cake! lol Once the cake came out she looked a little stunned and then had a "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moment, which was super cute anyways. We were later able to get her to actually taste the cake by using a nutrigrain bar to dip it. Happy Bday Charlotte!

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Kaela Maternity Shoot | London, Ontario

Kaela & Darryl are awaiting the arrival of Payton in March and wanted to get some beautiful outdoor maternity photos. It was a perfect day and not too too cold! When we weren't getting stuck in branches we were having fun. Payton has already been deemed a Canadiens fan as well by the family as you can tell since the jersey is ready to go!
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Couturier Shoot | London, Ontario | Spring Bank Civic Garden Complex

It's hard to believe these photos were shot in mid-December as it still looked fall! The Couturier siblings had asked me to shoot some photos for them as a Christmas gift for their parents. It was still pretty cold but we made it a fun shoot, as you can tell in some of the photos, there was some joking around going on!


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Christmas Mini Sessions 2014

I've been meaning to post this photoblog, so better late than never!!! And since we had a snow-less Christmas, today is the perfect day to Christmas reminisce since it's Snowmaggedon Part 2 outside! I hope everyone had a great holiday! 





















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Little Black Design | London, Ontario

Brittany won a free portrait shoot at the Wedding Ring Bridal Expo! She contacted me letting me know she was looking to get some photos done for her graphic design business Little Black Design.  Her website isn't up yet but in the meantime follow her on twitter @brittanytoonen. I'm looking forward to seeing some of her work!


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Simons Family Fall Shoot | London, Ontario | Springbank Civic Garden Complex

Most of London's trees were bare at this point, but we were lucky enough to capture the gorgeous fall beauty at the Springbank Civic Garden Complex for the Simon's fall shoot. Unfortunately, it was a very cold day! We had to take a few breaks and warm up in the car. Props to the family for toughing it out :) We managed to get some great shots!

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De Jonge Fall Family Shoot | London, Ontario

I did this shoot with the De Jonge family in the Rosser's backyard before their Thanksgiving dinner. I was glad we were able to do a fall shoot with this beautiful setting, before the rest of the leaves had fallen off the trees. Part of this shoot was to also celebrate Nate's first birthday. He was given this homemade wagon as a gift, and it was the perfect prop for the shoot!

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Brennan Wedding | London, Ontario | Highland Country Club

The Brennans celebrated their big day at the Highland Country Club on chilly fall day. Big props to the couple and wedding party for bearing the cold wet weather for the photo shoot outside. It was fun taking photos by the fire and piano, as Matt "played" for his beautiful bride and his groomsmen. Thanks to Steph for being my second shooter!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) Highland Country Club fall london wedding Thu, 06 Nov 2014 01:39:57 GMT
Nolan Cake Smash | London, Ontario

For Nolan's first birthday we shot a cake smashing! At first Nolan was unsure of what to do with the cake but then got into it and wanted to crawl all over the set with sticky hands haha! Nolan ate a good chunk of the cake but made sure to leave some for big bro Harrison and of course mom and dad!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) cake smash family portraits Sun, 02 Nov 2014 23:01:27 GMT
Payne Fall Family Shoot | London, Ontario | Gibbons Park

The Payne's decided to shoot their family session at beautiful Gibbon's Park. Andrea & Monica dressed for the cause in Pink as October was breast cancer awareness month. The magic word to get Elliott to smile for pictures was "happy meal" lol as Mom made a promise if the shoot went well then the kids would be treated! I know everyone had fun throwing around the leaves during this shoot!! 


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) fall family gibbons park portraits Sun, 02 Nov 2014 22:08:37 GMT
Zhe & Melody Engagement Shoot | London, Ontario | Western University

Zhe and Melody are one of the many couples I met not too long ago at the Wedding Ring Bridal Expo here in London. When it came to picking a location, there's no doubt they made a great choice! Western University is where the couple met! I look forward to shooting their blue & yellow wedding in July 2015.

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Russelo Fall Family Shoot | London, Ontario | Westminster Ponds

Bobby & Jess had bought a gift certificate for Bobby's parents so they could get some nice pictures with their kids + grandkids. It was such a beautiful fall day at Westminster Ponds that we didn't expect muddy shoes, which Jess became a victim of. In fact, Ryan had to lend her some shoes he had in his car which were way too big but you can't even tell! Harrison is going through a phase where he likes to make silly faces as you can tell in some of the photos! Still too cute!



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Book your Christmas Mini Sessions!
Ho Ho Ho!
I've released 20 time slots for Saturday November 8th between 10am and 3pm and will be held at 358 Northbrae Drive in London. Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else! 
To book your session, please visit the following link:
TIP: When you book through book my city, you do not have to register. You can if you want to use for future bookings but you don’t have to.
What's included in a $30 mini session?
-15 minute in home studio setup with Christmas themed backdrop/props (the backdrop is a Christmas shop this year)
-10-15 digital images with printing rights
-Online gallery with ability to download high resolution images; ready to print and share with friends and family
-USB Stick($25): High speed and reusable - includes high resolution images, black & white, filter & web versions (for social media).
Note: This fee is for up to 3 kids at once ($10 per additional). Pets are welcomed.
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Stobie Family Shoot | London, Ontario | Victoria Park

The Stobie's welcomed the newest member to the family Charlotte, not too long ago and wanted to capture some wonderful fall family memories. We shot at Victoria Park in downtown London. Funny fact: The picnic basket in the photos was a wedding gift from years ago and this was the first time the family had used it! It complimented the photos nicely!!

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Manchester Wedding | London, Ontario | Old Court House

Taryn & Andrew had planned for an outdoor ceremony on a beautiful fall day. Ten minutes before the ceremony was about to start, it was moved inside because it started to rain and had even hailed earlier in the afternoon! None the less, it was a wonderful ceremony and we still had the chance to return outside and take pictures with the stunning autumn colours. Interesting fact: Andrew's uncle is the artist behind the statues by the New London Court House and Museum London! Thanks to my second shooter Steph for helping me capture these priceless moments!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) fall old court house wedding Sat, 18 Oct 2014 00:02:54 GMT
Graham Calderon Family Shoot | London, Ontario | Apple Land  

The Graham-Calderon Family asked me to shoot a maternity/family session at Apple Land Country Station. They are awaiting the delivery of baby Camila! Big sis Sofia is usually camera shy and very particular but she was such a sweet little magazine model for most of the shoot. Sofia can't wait for her sister's arrival!

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Christmas Mini Sessions 2014 - Signup!

It's that time of year again! Christmas Mini Sessions are coming!

I'm still working on finalizing the details, but the Christmas Mini Sessions will likely take place on Saturday, November 8th & Sunday, November 9th. Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please make sure sign up to be notified when the schedule is available.

What's included in a Christmas Mini Session?

•15-20 minute session
•10-20 digital images with printing rights
•Online gallery with ability to download high resolution images; ready to print and share with friends and family

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Rockwell Wedding | Woodstock, Ontario | Craigowan Oxford Golf & Country Club  

Congrats to the Rockwells! They celebrated their wedding at Craigowan Oxford Golf & Country Club. It was a rainy morning but the afternoon turned out beautiful. The day was filled with lots of laughs & dips kisses (and not just by the bride and groom). My favourite memory of the day is Adam's rendition of Barney's "I Love you" that he had to sing in order to get his bride back. Thanks to my awesome second shooter Steph!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) wedding woodstock Tue, 30 Sep 2014 01:10:47 GMT
Adam & Heather Wedding | London, Ontario | Best Western Stoneridge Inn


This baseball themed wedding took place at The Best Western Stoneridge Inn. The bride and groom went traditional, with not wanting to see each other before the ceremony. For their "first look" photos, they didn't actually see each other (even though you can see Heather trying to peek). They  exchanged loved notes. We loved shooting with this party as they were all about having fun. Heather loves her jumping photos!! Wondering how a horse ended up the picture? lol ask the bride and groom!! Big thanks to my second shooter Steph.












(Roman Hidalgo Photography) baseball best western stoneridge inn couple london wedding Sat, 13 Sep 2014 00:22:19 GMT
McDonald Family Shoot | Ilderton, Ontario The McDonald's have recently adopted a new member to the family... Lola! The kids love her as you can see in the pics. Cousins Sydney & Nate also tagged along for the photoshoot which was located on a friend's beautiful property in Ilderton.



(Roman Hidalgo Photography) family london portraits Tue, 02 Sep 2014 23:00:56 GMT
Beatriz & Omar Wedding | London, Ontario I was happy to be asked to shoot Beatriz & Omar's Wedding(actually it's a renewal!). Beatriz and I grew up being neighbours and we share the same last name but no relation. Beatriz admits to hating getting her picture being taken but c'mon, look how amazing she looks! Thanks to Ariana for being my second shooter.





(Roman Hidalgo Photography) Best Western Lamplighter Inn London Springbank Civic Garden Complex St. Justin's Parish Wedding Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:44:11 GMT
Julia Cake Smash | London, Ontario Julia turned 1 year old and Mom & Dad wanted to do a cake smash shoot for her! She was a little intimidated by the cake/cupcake at first but then REALLY got into it!



(Roman Hidalgo Photography) cake smash family portrait Fri, 01 Aug 2014 21:52:46 GMT
Alba Newborn Shoot | London, Ontario Here is baby Alba at 7 days old. She was wide awake for most of the shoot but was very photogenic. Only 3 "accidents" during this shoot! lol


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) family london newborn Fri, 01 Aug 2014 21:46:27 GMT
Taryn & Andrew Engagement Session | London, Ontario | Gibbons Park Taryn and Andrew decided to have their shoot at Gibbons Park as you can see... there is a bunch of amazing beautiful greenery! Gord was the perfect little compliment to the pictures. Gord had been "practicing" balancing the engagement ring on his snout like in this photo on pinterest, but got shy! Gord is looking forward to his humans getting married! A couple thanks for Steph for assisting and Taryn's sis for watching Gord :)


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) couple engagement gibbon's park london Sun, 20 Jul 2014 15:31:07 GMT
George & Brad | London, Ontario | Stoney Creek George & Brad are a really nice couple who asked to get a few shots of them together. We had lots of fun shooting at Stoney Creek by the Thames River. There was an argument with a tree! (inside joke).. Originally we had thought we would be able to get some great shots by the water but since it rained so much previously, the water was really high. We were still able to get some great shots and we went at the perfect time of the day! The golden hour! My fav shot is definitely the one with the lens flare.


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) couple london same sex stoney creek Tue, 15 Jul 2014 23:40:16 GMT
Jenn & Matt Engagement | London, Ontario | Labatt Park It was a HOT summer morning.. Steph & I shot Jenn & Matt's engagement photos at Labatt Memorial Park! The couple decided to include their 7 month old baby in their pictures so we also got some nice cute family photos. It turns out the groom's brother used to play in a band with my brother! Small world!!


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) baseball engagement family portraits london Fri, 11 Jul 2014 22:57:49 GMT
Wammes Family Shoot | London, Ontario | Old Court House Lindsay and I have been planning to do a family shoot for a while now so I was really looking forward to the shoot! Jack and Dylan are such cute kids but upon arrival to the shoot, Lindsay noticed she forgot to put pants on Jack! LOL - good thing she had extra pants in the trunk!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) downtown family portraits london old court house Tue, 01 Jul 2014 20:11:38 GMT
Maddison Newborn Shoot | St. Thomas, Ontario My co-worker Paul, contacted me to shoot his lovely newborn Maddison. She was just over 3 weeks when we shot the photos but we were able to wrap up in 2 hours, she only cried a little bit! Scroll down for the "wig"  photo for a laugh!


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) newborn Fri, 13 Jun 2014 00:18:00 GMT
Isabella Newborn Shoot | London, Ontario I was glad to be contacted by Vero to do Isabella's newborn shoot as I had shot her Brother Omar when he was little. To my surprise, I had brought a Coca-Cola basket.. and Vero's dad is a big collector. I hope he enjoyed the photos!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) newborn Sat, 07 Jun 2014 00:08:00 GMT
Joanna & Adam Engagement Shoot | London, Ontario | Sifton Bog Joanna & Adam are a really nice couple who told me they don't like getting their picture taken! I could hardly believe that since they are both photogenic, what a cute couple! Looking forward to shooting their wedding in the fall! My assistant Stephanie also joined along.


(Roman Hidalgo Photography) engagement london sifton bog Mon, 26 May 2014 23:41:00 GMT
Adam & Heather Engagement Shoot | London, Ontario | Labatt Park Adam and Heather are having a baseball themed wedding so how appropriate to have their engagement shoot at Labatt Park. Stephanie, my assistant photographer also joined and some shots below are hers as well (she's very talented!). Their pet dog joined later on in the shoot and was so playful!



(Roman Hidalgo Photography) baseball engagement london Mon, 26 May 2014 23:41:00 GMT
Rex Wedding | St. Thomas, Ontario | Pinafore Park & St. Thomas Senior Centre Norm & Katie had a beautiful wedding at the St. Thomas Senior Centre. We shot the Wedding portraits at Pinafore Park and just days before the wedding, the forecast was calling for rain and can you believe it.. it was the most gorgeous day. Their wedding (obviously lol) was peacock themed! My assistant, Stephanie also shot throughout the day. Anyone who's interested in their "balloon" pictures, make sure to contact the bride & groom for the gallery id!

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) pinafore park st.thomas wedding Tue, 20 May 2014 22:15:00 GMT
Carlen Headshots | London, Ontario | Downtown Twas a cold shoot but we had an awesome time shooting downtown as Carlen was looking to get some head shots done. My friend Amber tagged along to help with the reflector. Carlen is a sexologist and relationship expert, make sure to check her out at

(Roman Hidalgo Photography) downtown headshots london Wed, 30 Apr 2014 22:55:00 GMT